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Program Overview

ISNA-20 will begin on Sunday evening with the Nozoe Lecture. It will feature a week-long program in a single-session, in-person (no hybrid) format with a diverse mix of invited and contributed talks, as well as 2 poster sessions (Monday & Tuesday). Wednesday afternoon is reserved for excursions, and ISNA-20 will end on Friday around lunch time.

Final Schedule

Final Schedule.png

Program by Day

A detailed look at the program


ISNA-20 Special Issue

We have partnered with the Canadian Journal of Chemistry to publish a dedicated special issue in 2025 highlighting the science from the ISNA community - submissions from all ISNA-20 participants are welcome!

Symposium Topics

  • Aromaticity and novel aromatic systems: Theory, Synthesis, and Experiments

  • Aromatic polymers and oligomers: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

  • Macrocyclic aromatic compounds

  • Fullerenes and concave aromatics, graphene, and carbon nanotube- related aromatics


  • Molecular and supramolecular aromatic devices, switches, and machines


  • Aromatics for optoelectronics, conducting, and magnetic applications


  • Excited state aromaticity


  • Bio-aromatics

Invited Speakers

We are excited to host a diverse set of invited speakers that have agreed to present their work at ISNA-20. For more details click the button below

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